This is not my poem…

…it’s a “Found Poem” based on the tweets of Anthony Wilson (@awilsonpoet), a wonderful poet from Devon whose blog is here. This set of tweets, from the “Writing Research Across Borders 2014” conference in Paris, made me laugh. I tweeted back to Anthony that they should become a poem. He said, go ahead if you want to. So I put all the relevant tweets together for him, and here they are.

Poet Anthony Wilson presents a poster at #WRAB2014.

A man is speaking at #wrab14. Someone has graffitied ROFL on the wall behind him.

The other poetry poster at #wrab14 has not materialised. To quote Woody Allen, we need to show up

Very interesting and beautiful poster about yarn bombing as an act of protest

A man stops at my poster for a second, moving on when he fails to recognise my photograph

A man in a beret and orange jeans is looking at the What Happens in Class? poster

A woman looks at my poster and moves on, frowning

Update: the man in orange jeans also has blue glasses and a pink scarf. He does not look at my poster

A man just stopped at my poster for longer than two seconds. Getting known

No one has stopped at Yarn Bombing either

I return the man his glasses case but he does not look at my poster

The man in the beret has gone round five times. But he has not stopped to look at the poetry

A woman with an iPad photographs my poster

The woman who said she would look at my poster did not look at my poster

At the yarn bombing poster I say to the woman looking at it with me ‘Isn’t this great?’ ‘It’s mine,’ she tells me

The husband of the yarn bombing academic is really nice. We converse about Bermuda shorts, gaming theory and Kenneth Koch

The grammarian who overran this morning does not want talk to me about my poster

A professor stops at my poster. She points at my photo, then at me. ‘You are Anthony Wilson!’ she says

Three people stop at my poster at once

A man asks me about my poster. We end up discussing stationery shops

Outside is a statue of a giant thumb. It is not a metaphor. It is a thumb.