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Hello… it’s been a while.

Everything has happened in the last couple of years. Not least, I am now living in Dublin. We moved during the pandemic last July and it was a surreal experience to say the least. I can’t say I’ve got to know the local poetry community here yet because of lockdown, but as things appear to be easing, I hope to establish contact.

I’ll publish a series of new posts here to update you on what’s been happening. Suffice it to say that this site is still showcasing pictures of Teesdale, and I’m leaving those as is for a little while, for reasons which will become apparent.

My pamphlet of poems, entitled The Ship Owner’s House, is still available from Vane Women Press. 

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Sally Evans’ first novel.

Two cousins, one male, one female. Two poets, whose literary lives are bound up together. Sally Evans’ novel begins at Morecambe Bay, where the totemic wild geese first appear, and shifts to Newcastle, then Edinburgh, with forays to Skye and Durness in the far north of Scotland. The story begins in earnest in the mid-1960s and is evocative of the poetry scene of the north-east of England; Basil Bunting, Hugh McDiarmid and Morden Tower all make cameo appearances. Poetry weaves through the lives of Eric and Maeve, but this is mostly Maeve’s story – of the inequality of women poets, of the constraints of motherhood, and of a long poem that is written, and deserves to be published.

Evans hails from the Lake District and is now a bookseller in Callander, Scotland. The history and geography of this novel are very familar to her. It makes me want to read more poetry of this time and place. I am going to search for my copy of Briggflatts.

This may be the best novel about poetry since AS Byatt’s Possession, and it’s much more believable. Both the storyline and the setting make it a remarkable book and a terrific read.

Wildgoose is published by Postbox Press, the literary imprint of Red Squirrel, where you can order your copy.

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