For Sabotage Reviews: Janette Ayachi, Pauses at Zebra CrossingsJohn Wedgwood Clarke Sea Swim Víctor Terán Diidxadó Form, Carl Potter and Phobia, Jo Brandon, Jude Cowan-Montague The Groodoyals of Terre Rouge, Kevin Reid and George Szirtes Wordless, Tom Vaughan Envoy

For Dr Fulminare: John Clegg, ‘Antler’, Resurrecting the Quagga (Interview with Kate Noakes), Balancing the Books (Interview with Dennis Harrison of Albion Beatnik), Rachael Boast ‘Sidereal’, Antony Rowland ‘I Am A Magenta Stick’, Ben Parker ‘The Escape Artists’ Anthony Wilson ‘Riddance’,  ‘Oliver Dixon ‘Human Form’, Emily Berry ‘Dear Boy’Amy Key ‘Luxe’ and Camellia Stafford ‘Letters to the Sky’

For Artemis: Karen Solie, ‘The Living Option – Selected Poems’

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