Reviews of Following Teisa:

Feature in Creative Writing at Leicester

Neil Fulwood for ‘Everybody’s Reviewing

Maggie McKay in The Friday Poem

Sally Evans for Everybody’s Reviewing

Matthew Stewart in his Roguestrands blog

Lovely things that kind people said for the blurb:

“…a marvellous immersive tour de force that flows with the liquidity of its subject matter. The use of enjambment, internal rhyme and pararhyme is beautifully and subtly crafted and often catches the reader by surprise. Fabulous vivid, contrasting and original imagery. A multi layered historical portrait of the area which I connected to on a very deep level.”

Bob Beagrie

“The ‘liquid tongue’ of this vigorous reply to an 18th century voice conjures up the layered history of the Tees, a force by turns brutal and nurturing, flashy and defiant in its capacity to surprise. Sutherland’s thrillingly resonant lines are accordingly populated by not only seals and soldiers but furtive hags and roguish cheese made beside the water (‘milk / gone bad, come good again, / shapeshifted into solid character’). To read this evocative poem is to be energized by an encounter with a dynamic presence, expressed in phrasing that shimmers.”

John McCullough

“Judi Sutherland joins the few who write well about water:
Following Teisa is a tumbling, liquid epic that flows across northern landscapes, through changing voices, epochs and landmarks, drenching the reader with a rich sense of place, stillness and movement. Come on in, the water’s lovely.”

Jo Bell

Reviews of The Ship-Owner’s House

Rennie Halstead for Sphinx

James Roderick Burns for London Grip

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